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This Too Shall Pass

when it's windy in the morning
and your cloudy all day
when the night arrives at last
it just won't go away
when you're eyes are sick with wonder and your heart is in a cast
This too, shall pass.

When the city turns to limp
when you're waiting for a train
when she welcomes you with pity
in half an inch of rain
when you're playing at 10:30
and if anyone should ask
This too, Shall pass.

This western call
This too shall fall
These northern skies
These too shall rise
This way you feel
This too shall heal
This hour glass
This too shall pass.

She loves me when i'm lazy and she loves me when i'm wild
she loves me when i'm hazy and she loves me when i'm a child
We figured out how to make a good thing last
But this too, shall pass
This too, shall pass.

Date Added: 2008-04-15
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