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Thrill BG

[Verse 1: B.G. (Lil Doogie)]
Pop pop! There it is mothafucka, let em know whats happenin', Im down with that VL, a Baby Gangsta that's packin'
Dont mind dying, I got them flippers them cluckers, could never be a busta, a 14 year old hustler, Living that gangsta life
I'm very true to the dope game, could never be lame, still packin' that iron ain't a damn thing change, run up die family cry, your'e gone
"Bye Bye" Number X-Y, it's said and done so I won but Yo, in the 3rd I get Fun, Life is short so crazy, You cross my path I feel sorry
It's gonna be short till you gon get it nigga (Yeah), Live by the trigga, dont fuck with me lil Gangsta D the money maker, I'm packing fool
I'm coming at ya...But when I fire niggas gon feel me...You gon' wanna kill me (Huh) cause imma Trill B.G

[Hook: B.G. 2x]
We some trill B.G.'z, always on our shit and if you slip and cross our path, we gon' split your wig

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne (Baby D)]
Trill niggas: We baby gangstas, we pull the trigga, and then we shank you, no prankster, no busters, I get my gat and then I buck ya, So follow me now and you will be killed, I'm labeled as a baby gangster cause of the fact that I'm Trill, Nigga you can't deal with a BG thats real, I pop a clip in my gun and make you feel, a flash from a 9 Glock steel, I'm living the life of a villain that is, I'm bout to kill it down and Nigga straight Handle my biz', a lil nigga up on the street straight hustling and bout having thangs, gotta make that money mane and ain't no nigga messing my game, not about that baby, bet i make it, ain't bout that drama a 12 year old a young BG spin round ya Baby Momma, I write my own - I ain't gettin' off no other nigga, Gun on my arm gotta watch my back finger always on the trigga, Nigga try to creep I gotta Mag, nothing to worry bout', But im from the South pop in the clips round back and take you out, So nigga before you step you better start to thinkin'..I might be small and all but big enough to leave you stanking, Im bout' to break you off - and then some, my mission ain't finished til' I end this making sure it's done, You know the deal nigga, I'm on the real seat, A gangsta fire young villain Trill B.G

[Hook 2x]

Verse 3: B.G.]
Check it
Im Trizz-nill (Trill), Rizz-ael (Real), Down to Kizz-nill (Kill), Pizz-nell (Pistol), I pack Stizz-neel (Steel) So you will Fizz-nell (Feel), The noise I'm bringing Nigga, I'm the one that's loading gun after gun, and smoke blunt after blunt, and nigga you will get plucked if you stunt, I already told you I'm Trill I slang my crack this ki' for 3 stacks a knot, you try to play you get popped, from my 9 Glock you dont ride because I'm down with a hard mob, and no respect get dug from a bitch slanging thug, I'm as trill as they come me and Lil D straight packin' yes we young and co-magging if the niggas start jackin', Young and dont give a fuck - Them hoes gonna feel me, Im gangsta ass nigga and a trill B.G

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 4: Lil Wayne]
D, real hustler, True true thug ain't got no time for no busta, that will get plugged with the A to the K, got it aimed at your dome pull that gat from the side (Poo Poo!) Your gone, people say I'm wrong for doing what I did, but they just dont know I had to handle my Biz', A eagle street villain I'm letting you niggas have it - It's a habit that a nigga like Lil Wayne is trigga happy, A gangsta could nver be caught slippin', nigga must be trippin' Imma pop the clip in, Nigga Imma do ya, Imma have to spoo ya, Gotsta let you know when your in the game how it goes, now let me run it to you pranksters In this way: A baby gangsta for life tellin' you niggas to raise...up off my sizz-et (Set), you better step bizz-ack (Back), talkin' all that yak-yak Imma have to get my Gizz-at (Gat), I'm on the real nigga, you know the deal seat, A gangsta fire young nigga trill B.G

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