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Time Is Money (Remix)

[Intro: Soulja]
Huh, Soulja
That nigga too Beezy

[Hook: Soulja Boy]
Hustle hard, grind
Hustle I don't have to think
Niggas bet' not blink
Every second go by you know it's cash
They say time is money so I'm sellin' swag
Time is money (x8)

[Verse 1: Soulja Boy]
Time is money
All about cash
Thinking about revenue
Puttin' money on my schedule
All of you niggas I'm ahead of You
SOD moneygang rich gang general
Shout out my niggas we stacking a milions
Deals come in we kill 'em
Stacking it till the ceilling
Stacking that money tryna make that bank break
Pull up to the block and I pour up 8
In the VIP, bottles by the case
Everybody know, we getting the cake
Hustle, work, trap, flip
Lotta bands, money, flip
Cash, racks, pistol hanging off my hip
Bad bitch with me while I'm on the script


[Verse 2: Rich The Kid]
Walkin' around with the cheddar
Young nigga trendsetter
I’m chopping the top like a blender
Pull up in Bentley with Soulja
Young nigga I’m selling that coca no cola
Refuse to loose
Sippin on Actavis please do not talk to me, not in the mood
You’re kissin’ that bitch
We’re smashin’ and passin’
Rel-money he pulls up extra-money
Time is money
That AP cost 50 my diamonds go dummy
He wanted a brick so I jugg him finesse I'm wrappin' a mummy
I'm driving a Mazi he ride in a Marley
You 20 plus 20 (20 plus 20)
I walk in a club with a Audemar on
That's 50K on me
Momma said she want a Rove'
Gotta know I'mma get it trappin' off a Motorola
Ion' trust no bitch Ion' love no bitch
Put her in the kitchen with the baking soda
Walkin' on Louboutins
Young nigga I pull up in coupe again
The money is coming in
Young nigga I roll with the hooligans


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