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[Verse 1]
Thank the Lord for my fans cause they love Z-Ro
I get mail but ain't no letters from nobody I know
It's like I've been forgotten ever since I got locked down
But when my feet hit the ground, that's when phony homies come back around
I'm talkin fair weather friends
That kick it with you when the sun shines on you, but when the fair weather ends
It's over
Nobody screamin free Z-Ro like Bun B was screamin' Free Pimp C
Except Flipperachi and Pimp C
But I'm still livin' and still pimpin' my pen
I swear I'm surrounded by women most offenders ain't men
They gossip like they sittin in the beauty shop
Can't own nothin too busy criticizin what the next man got
And all I hear is, "I ain't gon' sack no groceries or work at fast food"
I would sweep the floor at MacDonalds if I had to
Fuck pride homie I'm tryna raise my daughter
Hopin' I make parole so I can work on bein' a father
Another birthday came and went still wearin' white
I try to sleep all day long, so I can write all night
No visits no rec the only time I get to leave my cell is at chow times and showers
Minutes feel as if they're hours
I read books, tryna put some fat on my head
Dreamin' about when I get back on my bread
So many people want me to fall I know they'd love to see me on lock
But in a minute-I'll be back on top-in due time

Time waits for no one
Last year was a hard one but life goes on
I bump my head against the wall, learnin' right from wrong
I fall off every ten minutes on this mission I'm on
Time waits for no one
Last year was a hard one but life goes on
I never said I was perfect, man I come from the block
If it wasn't for time, I'd be stuck in the same spot

[Verse 2]
I can breathe again-pass me a blunt that's fat
Plus my strap, so I can face my enemies again
July 9th, ain't no more commissary - catch me at Pappadeux
Time to get tapered by free world clippers and shop clothes
Plus I gotta leave certain people alone
That could determine if I go back to prison or stay at home
Bottom line: you ain't gotta be in jail to be doin' time
It ain't like it's hard to tell-I've reentered the game
Ain't nothin changed except the year
When I left we were dyin' and death is still here
As if we feel nothin' man enough to kill somethin
But too coward to come together and build somethin
Violent crimes, the caskets are smaller in size
How the hell a ten year old get shot-eleven times?
Prison ain't changed me, I'm the same nigga
Not a trouble maker but ya'll know I'll never hesitate to pull-a-trigger
They say my ghetto instrumental is influential to blacks
I just confess how far I go, not to get put on my back
I never made a man kill a man
Even if he was bumpin' my song at the time-murder was his original plan
I understand it's a time to be born and a time to die
A time to laugh and a time to cry
A time to look for somethin' and a time to consider it lost
Time for sadness and a time for joy
A time to build and a time to destroy
A time for war and peace
A time for silence and a time to speak
And I think it's time we come together on these streets
Fill up churches Sunday mornin' like clubs-Saturday nights
And have a good worship service just like we have a good fight
Cause when the trumpet blows it's over, time is at it's end
If you don't wanna burn, forever repent for all of you're sins
And homie I don't give a fuck, if you blood or cuz
Get you're relationship right with the one above
Cause it's almost time.....


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