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Way down in your bones baby
It's written in blood
So light the candles
And beat on the drums
No matter what you try to sell me
They're never gonna give
Because the combat zone they're living on
Fuck, it ain't no way to live

Won't have to see you again
Bulldozer down your home
Won't have to see you disappearing
When you're gone

Kill, kill, kill - your way to glory
Down, down, down - a different story

You're outta your mind baby
You're outta mind
Should have you locked up
Until the end of time
No matter what you try to tell me
What you try to say
Had to abandon all your moral codes
'Cause they just get in the way

Who you are and who you know
Where you come from to where you go
Moments that take your breath away...

Got your Head
Back to fron
Lack of talent
Sell out cunt


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