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Trans-Atlantic Slave Deal

Oh ahh, so ah Saigon y'know umm
You had a big buzz goin on but
What was it that caused the split
Between, you and Atlantic Records?

All I could give 'em was tribalism; I tried to hit 'em
With a lot of wisdom but the system was pushin eroticism
They say sex excels record sales
So in your video, need to see some naked girls (say what?)
Then they said I should do some gangsta rap
I said Julie, at least 10 of my friends dead thanks to that
I said in the movie they put the blanks in that
In the ghetto they usin live ammunition when they bang the gat
And I feel that would be a selfish act
She said - "Oh yeah!" and put me on shelf for that
Man them crackers should go to hell for that, somebody speak up
Where the hell is our elders at? Yo where they at?
Man "The Greatest Story" will be told, even if it's for free download
I let the Internet take it around the globe
And then I make money off all the shows
They thought they was pimpin me, didn't see that they was the hoes!

What do you mean they were hoes? (Ha ha)
Well anyway um we seen you on "Entourage" but (yeah?)
That was a great job by the way (thank you)
But uhh... what's going on with the album "Greatest Story Never Told?"
(It's comin when I put it out there y'know?)
Is it ever gonna drop? (Yeah it's gon' drop)
WHEN'S IT GONNA DROP?! (Wha... man)
ARE YOU NOT GONNA... (check this out)

I chose to not drop, niggas run around like I got dropped
My shit is somethin that they cannot stop
I'm 'Pac, I'm Nas, Jay-Z in one
I'm Rakim, KRS-One, Big Pun
There's no Lil Wayne or T-Pain in my vain
No disrespect to no ish, my shit just isn't the same
This is "Long Live the Kane," the B.K. don
I need a hook, somebody please find TJ Swan
I'm Chuck D, fuck me, I'm the whole group
I'm Kurtis Blow with a burner, I'm like the old Snoop
And "Murder'll Be the Case" if niggas don't get the fuck
Outta my face, I'm tryin to make the world a better place
But check it, for the record, eff it, I'm not mad at Prodigy
I just think that lil' nigga owe me an apology
He know he coulda shot me the fair, but for frontin
I punched him all in his face and got the fuck outta there, yeah

Wow, that must have been crazy
But anyway; I appreciate your time Saigon
I see what you're doing
You're on to something Saigon
You're on to something special (thank you)
I know the special ones Saigon (thank you)
Trust me, God bless you

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