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Slept through the alarm got out the wriong side of the bed
Missed the bus 'cause I was running late
When I finally got to work the boss was waiting thee
He had that firing look upon his face
I'm in trouble again
Seems to be my only friend
The chips are down I can't pretend
Looks like I'm in trouble again
My boyfriend dropped arround wiht a brand new set of wheels
I asked if I could take it for a criuse
I never saw the truck that was backing down the drive
I don't know how I'm gonna break the news
Landlord's on my bak got his hand out for the rent
Said that eh wont wait another week
I've used to best excuses I've tried every trick
Now he's at the door and turnign up the heat
Look out here comes trouble
Looks like I'm in trouble again
Tania Kernaghan Trouble

Date Added: 2007-12-21
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