Claude Kelly - U Were Mine Lyrics

U Were Mine

verse 1 :
driving down the highway i hear the music up,
a band but i cant figure out where it's coming from,
look to my right and see a small cafe,
so i pull my car over to hear theband play,

when i see u shaking up to the rythm my body calls,
like an espanol keeps his amigo///...

we start grinding like ive never done before, and then you wisper in my ear baby its all yours;

u were mine, (u had me saying),
u were mine (girl im not playing),
u were mine,
(this aint no game)
and i didnt know ur name, but you were mine, (maybe i was trippin)
u were mine (but i could feel it)
u were mine (At least in my eyes) and ill never be the same, my heart is going

whooo oh oh ohhh oh x4

verse 2:
day turns into night, & im still in the same place,
but nothing could hold me back, not even a hurricane,
we take a brake to let me catch my beath (huh huh)but it aint pumped till wer back at it again.

whooo oh oh ohhh oh x4

u were mine!
u were mine!
u were mine!

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