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Under The Sun


He traveled across waters many oceans rivers and lakes
Slept in the desert amongst a pit full of snakes (sssssss)
Slap boxing with kangaroos
Running with the wolves
He ran so much with the wolves
You think his foot had hooves
Slept in a bed full of wool stuffed inside his pillow
Spent his days counting flowers and petals upon the willows
One day he knew that his time would come
Where he would stroll to the flutes and then march to the drums (tttttsssss)
Bend air like the air bendеr, pull strange like on rare fеnders
Laying in beds made of Egyptian silk and rare timber
Horses in the stable
Exotic sources on his table
Voice blasting through with the air wave
Face grazin on the cable
Signal strictly digital the epitome
Sword swinging ninja whose blades had a tendency
To exact revenge on the enemy while still upholding chivalry
Bobby, Bobby, Bobby
Digi, Digi, Digi
Mind spirit body
Space odyssey trilogy
Armed with a swarming army of Wu tang killer bees
He transformed to take the form of technological facilities
This is just a fraction of his abilities

A digital soliloquy


Under the sun
We are all one
Striving for survival

Under the sun
We see the world grow, change and decay
Under the laws where we love and we live together
Under the sun
Where we all share and come as
Under x2
Under the sun x2
Under x2
Under the sun x2
Under x2
Under the sun
Where it is done
Under the sun


Sirens scream through the city from the ambulance
Blow my thun had the snow flowing like a avalanche
Breaking branches of greed every chance he got
Sword swing like that old king from Camelot
Voice like Paul Robeson
With a Mayweather robe on
Multi color diamonds in a cup
Look like they were snow cones
Bed with sexy leg red bones
With fancy threads on
Clue like Nancy Drew mystery sub-planting the Feds phones
Confused detectives
With radioactive methods
Attack the shack with a pack of black German Shepards
Learn the Dim Mak touch death touch with his cock
He slept with his dick inside a 12 inch sock
Descendants of ancestral greatness
Uphold the universe and space is weightless
The Y chromosome is the answer to the question who is the greatest?
25,000 year renewal history who is the latest?

This Is Bobby Digital and the pit full of snakes

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