Babyface - Until You Come Back Lyrics

Until You Come Back

Written by babyface, daryl simmons (1998)Performed by whitney houstonI lost my heartA long time agoYou make me feelLike no one had beforeBoy you make me love youThen you walked out the doorSee, I will not restUntil you say I'm forever yoursAnd boy I won't stop at nothingI won't give you up andYou've gotta feel something I knowI will not love againUntil you come backCome back to my arms'til you come back to me babyUntil you come back (to me)[Until You Come Back lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]Don't care how longIt's not important to meDon't care how farLove's never too far for meI just might be crazyWhen it comes to my heartBut I cannot restUntil the day we're no longer apartHookNobody plays with my heartU can't walk away from it allU can run but your heart cannot hideCause it knows you belong in my lifeHookTill you come back to me babyCome on home, come homeTo me

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