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Up All Night Nicki Verse

[Verse 1: Nicki]

If drizzy say get her, Ima get her
I got that kind of money, make a broke bitch bitter
I got that kind of, wait wait, fixate
Which bitch you know made a million off a mixtape
That was just a keepsake, bought the president the louis
Presidental briefcase, never been the cheapskate
We got the hawks, I ain't talkin' bout the peach state
Maann for peeps sake, scratch that, sweepstakes
Fuck I look like ho, I look like yes and you look like no
Ima bad bitch, I ain't never been a mixed breed
On a diet, but im doing donuts in a 6speed
M6 in front of M2, I see alot of rap bitches on the menu
But I collect a hunnit thou at the venue
And pop bottles with my team, Young Money till the death of me
[Verse 2: Nicki]

I mean we can't even rock them shoes if it dont got a comma on the pricetag
You know, I mean but then again, who looks at the pricetag you know

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