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Don't have to fall so low, To know it's all out of your reach, Don't have to fly that high to write a simple valentine. Once I see
you I just tremble on and walk the other way, Now it's February 15th, I'm so weak. When I see you my heart moves my
mouth, But I kinda fuse my words out loud, And I try to let my fears go, But somehow it just all goes wrong, So I'll leave you
another valentine. All of the time I wait, All of the lines I write and save, Up for the day when I'll walk up to you, and win you
over, Another wild charade, Another lie I'll hide so deep, Under a pillow of excuses that won't let me sleep. You're the one, I
know, NO other crush could taste so sweet, 'Til the next holiday, Girl, I'll keep on you:my valentine
Ultimate Fakebook Valentines

Date Added: 2007-12-01
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