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Vega (Stripes On)

[Robotic voice]
The fun rises

[Verse 1]
The pleasure of your company
That's what I need, that's what I need
Only you can comfort me

What good is a good girl in my wet dreams?
I need a vessel to sail all my fantasies
How good can a good girl really be?
I'm the captain of this relationship
Girl, I wanna cruise
With you
Girl, I wanna cruise
Cruise with you

This next verse is full of similes and metaphors

[Verse 2]
Old hats on gold caps
Like slacks on ass go together
Like soul claps on toe taps


Nothing is forever
Our relationship
Is alpha and omega- all there is, all there really is


Stripes on the face of a stripper pole vet
Caught up on the shapes of her arms and legs
Pale ringing in the dark
Old on the days gone by

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