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My goons smoke weed, My goons smell blow
My goons make moves, They pulling ?
If you ain't from my hood, Then you gonna have to go
You'll get your ass murked, I hope you niggas know
Throwing signs, popping nines we get violated

20 deep when we ride we get violated
A chopper pointing at your spine we get violated
We murder niggas all the time we stay violated

[Verse 1]
We about to ride on you lying ass niggas
You ain't selling dope, you ain't pulling triggers
You ain't get no dirt, you ain't no gorilla
You rap about somebody else life I figure
Why you saying you on them cars while you leasing
Just keep it real man, who the fuck you pleasing?
I know them stripper hoes keep your pump greasing
They sit up in your face, I guess they give you reason
To pay some bills, buy pills, get 'em high, you ain't real
Mr.Fly yo packing steel because that false flagging should have got you killed


[Verse 2]
We don't recognize real, you say your a trapper
You say your a gangster
I know your a actor
You ain't got no swagger
You ain't but no laughter
We stay 20 deep with gorillas and jackers
Haters still dissing, but your probably wishing
We off in the club, ?
Smoking on some real good, that'll make you feel good
When we passing by you, all you smell is purple kush
And we got all that shit you ain't got
Plugs for them drugs that shit you ain't got
A couple of hitmen that'll wipe you off the map
You ain't never gangbanged, and you never work the trap nigga


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