George Michael - Wake Me up Before You Go - Go Lyrics

Wake Me up Before You Go - Go

You put the boom-boom into my heartYou send my soul sky highWhen your loving startsA jitterbug into my brainTill my feet do the sameBut something's bugging meSomething ain't rightMy best friend told me what you did last nightYou left me sleeping in my bedI was dreaming but I should have been with you insteadChorus:Wake me up before you go-goDon't leave me hanging on like a yo-yoWake me up before you go-goI don't wanna miss it when you hit that highWake me up before you go-go'cos I'm not planning on going soloWake me up before you go-goTake me dancing tonight[Wake Me up Before You Go - Go lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]You put the grey skies out of my wayYou make the sun shine brighter than doris dayTurned a bright spark into a flameMy beats per minute never been the same'cos you're my ladyI'm your foolIt makes me crazy when you act so cruelCome on baby lets not fightWe'll go dancingEverything wiil be alrightChorus:Cuddle up baby, move in tightWe'll go dancing tomorrow nightIt's cold out there but it's warm in bedThey can danceWe'll stay at home insteadChorus to fade

Date Added: 2007-06-28
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