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Walk Of Shame

[Verse 1]
One step, two steps, counting tiles on the floor
Three steps, four steps, guess this means that I'm a whore
Uh-oh, hell no, how long till I reach the door?
Fuck me, my feet are sore
I'm wearing last night's dress and I look like a hot ass mess
Although my hair looks good 'cause I haven't slept yet!

Make the elevator come a little faster
I'm pushing all the buttons, but nothing's happening
Please God don't let anybody see me
Please God I'll do anything you ask of me
I promise, no more walks of shame
So walk this way (we're walking, we're walking)
Walk this way (we're walking, we're walking)

[Verse 2]
Last night's bubblegum, no more bubbles, no more yum
Where'd I get the wristband, tell me there's no tramp stamp
One two three shoot, no I know that shit ain't cute
But damn the man it sure is fun, to party 'til the sun wakes up
Okay now raise two hands if you've ever been guilty
And clap clap clap clap clap it out if you've walked with me


[Verse 3]
I shouldn't have let
'Em take my keys, take my keys
They left me here, with too much beer
My friends, they hung me out to dry
It's not my fault, and that's why
I'm doin' the walk of shame


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