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Feat. Pink Eyes of Fucked Up
Dear Lord, please for-give me for my sinnin
Yes I'm still addicted to livin like a misfit
Help me feel innocent, I'm tippin on a sinkin ship
Shivering, lips quivering, the living dead
Hellbound, hellhound, barkin up the wrong tree
Sniffin for a scapegoat to blame, but it's all me
Me, it's not easy being all green
Tryin to do the Spike Lee while sayin the wrong thing
Slip Freud, I'm a sick boy, blue chrome
Racin with my 15, Warhold, new comb
Jonestown 2, go buy twice, Jimmy know
Jimmy go bye bye, trigger finger, itchy blow
Brains Bad like Paul D
Call me a wannabe, call me Robert V. Winkle
Lips drip spit from a bloody grin
Dear Lord, please for-give me for another sin

[Chorus 8X: Pink Eyes] + D-Sisive
NOW YOU'RE LISTENING~!! (But you don't hear me though)

[Pink Eyes]
We had 16 years without soda or weed
Care for them goths with chrome no helium's greed
Recognized for life, SHOUTOUT TO BIAFRA
Locked to metamorphosis, SHOUTOUT TO FRANZ KAFKA
Suffer depression so yo I need that crutch
But don't offer me religion, those angels scare me too much
And if Jesus is risen, WHAT WILL KILL HIM AGAIN?
And this time unlike last time, WE WON'T USE HIS FRIENDS
Step to the action I stare at the brink
And then I put on an act for my, well meaning shrink
Kinda like Big Pun but without the skills or respect
And actually we're nothin alike excepr for the size of our breasts
My first track in I'm with a modern great
D-Sisive and Pink Eyes, tag team heavyweights
And I plan on goin out, with a Big Mac in each hand
Put the sauce in right here, Remington's last stand

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

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