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War Baby

Xclusive made this
Yo Vicky
Simo Fre just killed this

[Verse 1]
Gas station, dirty up the soda bottle
When I went over your love, I thought I hit the lotto
I say, "Through the mud, I had to walk, nobody followed"

Just done some prop', and Fendi goggles for my red-eye (Skrrt, red-eye)
Poured out a broken Henny bottle for the dead guys (Dead guys)
10.27, my whole roster duckin' fed' time (Coo-coo)
We be steady steppin', wet they block up, make the hеadline
Glocks and Smith & Wessons
All my weapons camе with led lights (Uh-huh, grrah)
Hundred thousand dollars on the neck can shine, no headlight (Yeah)
I just got a feti' for that fetish
Chase them dead guys
I know she wonder why I vanish
I had to get by
[Verse 2]
I'm at war, baby, ain't no way to run (I'm at war, baby)
She always ask me why do I be in the streets and clutchin' chrome (Ayy, uh)
Ambulance drive, I try to see them bust my dome (Oh)
Okay, okay, I just wish they leave me 'lone
Before I signed I deal, I kinda wished that I had mattered

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