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(Verse 1:)
Now I was raised in the projects with no running water
Never really knew my father
Sister was a dancer
Granddad died of cancer
Momma was a gambler uh huh
Ran with the pimps and the hustlers praying police don't murder us
Never met the president but I met some Mexicans (who fly that kush like the pelicans)

Lord I know we won't live forever
Keep my homies together
And if we die before our time has come
Tell them it was glorious
We were warriors, warriors

(Verse 2:)
Now I was born in the seventies when n***** still fist fought
Wasn't no such thing as Tupac
Daddy was a rolling stone Momma was a cordless phone
None of them was ever home uh uh
Grandma dies when I was twenty-three
In her last days she said to me
Something about fisherman but I wasn't listening
Didn't know it was the last time we'd ever speak again


I call my momma up yesterday
Told her I got found guilty
Don't cry for me
And tell my baby momma hey
I got ten years in the pen
Don't know when I'm coming home again
But it'll be ok... maybe


Date Added: 2008-04-19
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