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What Can I Do

What can I do (what can I do)
To make my life secure (secure)
More precious than silver, more precious than diamond rings, or anything [x2]

[Verse 1:]
Hey I don’t like to argue, I just like to chill
I like to pay ma bills and run through the hills
See you gotta trust me, you already know about me
You know I’m G’d up, so you ain’t gotta doubt me
An I ain’t gotta prove, an you ain’t gotta prove
A damn thing to me, but just enjoy the movie
You down to move wit me, or are you out to get me
She say ima move wit ya, an I ain’t out to get ya
I said I’m cool wit ya, it sounds like a plan
Ima roll wit ya, I got ma heatin hand
So you know you protected, don’t worry mama
Been from round d corner, in a navy blue impala
She sex her ass to get money, but I don’t really care
She laughin like I said som’n funny, but I don’t really care
Just ride wit me, that’s all I really ask
As time pass, present, past, that’s all I really ask
Ride wit me (ride wit me)


[Verse 2:]
How can I make an impression, in 8 seconds
Noone at a mind can make it, in 8 seconds
Sposed to wit d homies, not even trippin
Bullshittin homey, nigga was slippin
They caught me in d car slippin, I’m trippin
I thought I’d live forever but forever’s never ride wid me
One lil mistake, that’s all that it takes
That’s all that it took, nigga was off d hook
(Ride wid me)
I got hit twice in d chest, I can’t even breathe
I’m losin ma breath, ma mama’s scared to death
The drama’s huge, the anaconda’s ready to stretch
I got ma mama to ma right, an you know who to d left
Is you, comin through fulfillin ma wish
Ride wit me, you fulfillin ma wish
This a trip, an plus she heated ready to check, G shit
That’s all I need in ma life
A woman an ma homies, ma homies an ma wife (an ma wife)


[Verse 3:]
Maybe it’s time to slow down, that’s what I thought about
I almost lost ma legs, 2 feet from ma head
It’s d homey, d cuz didn’t make it, an ima have to hold it an take it
(Look) I almost didn’t make it, I almost couldn’t take it, ima shake it
Baby we’ll get our game together, what niggas say is nothin we go push an keep it comin
You been that, we gon’ keep dis party in effect
Kick back, be grown folks in dis bitch, yea what
Me an ma folks in dis bitch, excuse ma language
The old folks in dis business trip an certified
I’m glad you certified wid me, in a bimmer or a bentley you would still ride wid me
I can’t ask fo’ more though, after what happened
You smashed, you don’t know I know though
Ride wid me (ride wid me)
We too fly, sometimes we drink sometimes we get high
I been thinkin


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