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Whatcha Hood Like

[Intro]UhGot 'em swaggin' daddyHaha[Chorus](Girl)Hey nigga what yo hood like?(Guy)Money come, money go, but it's alrightIn the club, stay crunk rightDrama pop, you pop the truck, get them pumped right?(Repeat)[LL Cool J]I am the most incredibleI ain't disrespectin, just spittin my track recordWay before 'Pac and B.I.G., I did it bigWay before Hova, LL was a casanovaWay before Nas, I had my first menageWay before T.I., I taught him how to be flyWay before Nelly, I was up in the tellyBefore J.D., I was 'Jingling Baby'Before Lil' Jon, I put the south onBefore Ludacris, Ya boy was doin thisBefore Snoop Dogg, I put rappers in the morgueBefore Dr. Dre, I was hot in L.A.Before 50 Cent, I was sittin on endsA young buck ridin in a 560 Benz[Chorus: 2x][LL Cool J]I been doin this a long time man, I'm tired of gettin moneyOn second thought...Before Master P, I was bout it bout it BBefore Cash Money, I already stashed moneyBefore DMX, I was wild on the setMomma Should Knock 'em out, I lay 'em on the deckBefore Wu Tang, I was the new thangI whispered on shorty ear before Ying YangBefore Mobb Deep, I had 'em shook over the beat[Whatcha Hood Like lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]Years before Busta, I had my first customerI was little L before Big LBefore E-40, my name, shit was naughtyBefore Diddy, all my whips was prettyLil' wild nigga from Queens runnin through the city[Chorus: 2x][LL Cool J]But I can't talk to greasyGotta keep it real, ya knowGrandmaster was flashin way before I cashed inYa man Bambaata made the park jams hotterYa man Elle El couldn't go outsideWhen ya boy Melle Mel had the pimped out rideWay before me, Kurtis Blow stacked doughHe ruled the world, I was in the front rowRun-D.M.C. showed me what I wanna beI got kicked out the studio by Kool Moe DeeThe Cold Crush Four and the Treacherous ThreeAin't give a damn about a snotty nose kid like meHoudhini, The Fat Boys and all thatI hit 'em on the jack, them niggas never called back[Chorus: 2x][Outro]I want to dedicate the songTo everybody who came before meAnd everybody that they came after meIf I ain't matchin' youBlame it on a head not the heartThis is realLL Cool J in the building babyHey yo 50You know you're my favorite gangsta rightHahahaYeah we gettin' thisJust keep gettin' money babyHip hop for life you heard me?My name is LL Cool J!Better known is the truthOh!

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