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When We Were Younger (Live)

I think of the people that I used to know
Lovers I can recall, where are they now?
I wonder if anyone still feels the same?
I do remember it all, just yesterday
And all those sunny days always around
Falling around me

I walked down the street where we all used to live
Now there's nothing the same, I've seen it all
And the years have gone by I still know
Still know the story

Sing me the song, everyone laugh
All sing along, right to the back

When we were younger much younger than now
Life was a fast game, we played it somehow
Now I'm much older and time passes by
Maybe the truth was a lie
When we were younger we lived for the day
They seemed much longer but drifted away
Now I'm much older, I don't have to try
There's no one to whisper goodbye

Did all of the dreams that we wanted come true?
Some did, clearly not all, maybe a few
Grown up and gone separate ways to the end
Leaving was friendly

I can't stop my feelings, they're starting to show
Somewhere deep in my soul, I feel it grow
Something keeps taking me back, I don't know
Waiting to call me

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