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Dragons Are Real (Live)

I get myself to the top of the stairs
Into my room, to the land of nowhere
And read about all the princes and kings
Soldiers at war doing treacherous things

I've crossed the seas to a different land
Shot through the skies at the wave of a hand
And when I've looked up at castles so tall
Into the clouds, any minute might fall

The dragons are real
I've seen them fly out of the sun
And all the fools will disappear
See them all run
Go take me away, take me away

I've stood alone where the mountains are blue
Watching the world's unbelievable view
A special book makes the child in us cry
Magic in words at the blink of an eye

They dogs they will howl
The jokers will cry, cities will fall
Heroes are gone, villains draw near
I see them all
Go take me away, take me away

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