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Where I Come From (Get Free Rhythm)

Oohhh nahh Ohhh Yeahh
Tell me weh yuh come from Chronixx not from around here
Yeahh Where I come from...

From I was a baby wraped up ina nappy
Me neva ever like fi see mi mummy unhappy
Suh mi go marry to the money and ah that mi cah happy
Cah mi believe every black man can happy
Because momy love jewlery and daddy love things
Me and teflon fi have house with cleaner pon di hill
Granma wan di house rebuild
When me seh hill me ah talk bout close to gilvo
And me nuh kno bout jah but when it comes to money me seh mi kno bout dat
And if a JSE me seh mi sure bout staff, and if ah mek it inna life Chronixx sure bout that

Where I come from everyone is happy
Suh me call while she and tell him fi seh
Wham go tell Wall street i'm coming soon
Been dreaming about money all afternoon
Because makin money is always on my mind, ohh lord
Guh dung ah west pon a piece of land, from DIS that's the plan because makin money is always on my mind
Suh from yuh diss di mother land that mean yuh diss yuh fadda
Woulda like fi build a house inna??
Drive out inna di whole ah Africa???
Poverty mi curse it, mi pocket weak until mi haffi nurse it
Suh mi ago hustle try entreprenorship, cuz mi affi sweeten mi account like hershlitz
Where I come from everyone is happy
But dem bring we di young dung inna di carribean
Tek we to a place where everyone is crying, cryiinnng wooohooo
Where I come from everyone is happy, oohh lord
Where we come from everyone is smiling
But dem bring we to a place where people ah bawl
Hey Ooohh lord, oohhh lord, oohh lord????
Suh mi lif up mi voice understand it
Ppl ask if mi deh pon konick
Dem fi kno seh ah steam mi steam
Nobody can seperate it from it
Ah suh we dweet and babylon pon it
When time dem see we babylon get upset and start vomit ewwk

Where I come from full up ah gun man but everyone ah laugh because di likkle yute dem
hav food inna dem lunch
Babylon come dung and dem bring di guns dung and di yute den get shot dung
Ah suh wi dweet everyday inna studio
Write and tweet everyday
Ppl say konick couldn't so yuh stay?
Me tell dem ah suh mi born
And dem say yute stop di noise, but mi nah stop de noise cah me love sing and raise up mi voice
And mek di world hear, and every bwoy and every girl hear
Whether ah indian with curves hair or Asian
Sickkehh yeahhh konicks

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