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Whip My Hair Back And Fourth

I was on my way to school
I do'z me,
I hopped out the drop
Grabbed my juicy,
I hopped, skipped and
Jumped past the
Hoopdies, But wait
I forgot to grab my loose
Leaf, I doubled right back, b-
Back like who's that
I did a little dance like
Cat booom boom cat
I love how the
Jocks be watching me me,
So I grab my crotch and say hehe!
I be like bum diggity bum
When I pop my gum,
They lookin dumb
Digetty dumb,
Think they stopin something
I said excuse me honey,
I'm b-bugs bunny,
Elmer Fud aint got my carrots
So he aiint got nothing for me!
Cause we the mean girls
Y-yes we so fetch
And when we in the yard
Be jumping double dutch
We back to the future,
Pearl ya with da best.!

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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