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Whiskey Sour

[Verse 1]
We were two heartbeats away
From wedding rings and a pretty ballgown dress
At the church off 40 West
And we were talking 'bout our future on the steps
Of your daddy's screened in porch
That if I'd ask, you'd tell me, "yes"
Well, it only took a month or so to be someone you used to know
You didn't really have to go, but you did
And I've never been a somber soul
But part of me ain't here no more
And I've been tryna find him ever since

So now I take my whiskey sour
Sittin' barside after hours
Thinkin' how can I get over if the love was never ours?
Hell, I know you got my message
All my X's and my O's
And it kills me by the hour
Now I take my whiskey sours alone

[Verse 2]
'Cause that one night under neon
Was the first time you ordered me one
And you told me that you loved me
But was it ever true?
'Cause your promises were empty

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