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Who Da Neighbors (remix)

We trippin mayne!
Who? Who? Who?
Who the neighbors?

My mansion sit on 40 acres: who the neighbors?
Kobe Bryant from the Lakers: now that's paper

[Verse 1]
Big cribs, lot of cars, enormonous prices
I ain’t gonna tell you what I spent.. but my blood might
Get money, get pussy, smoking weed forever
Rub that money in my palms cause it breathes better
Whole real estate, came with a lot of zeroes
“How you do that mayne?” Sold to a lot of people
Over 30 million sold: that’s a lot of people!
Now I got a big crib that fit a lot of people


[Verse 2 - Snoop Dogg]
Big long Cadillac, 4's on them thangy-thangs
Karma hole with the marble floor: inscribed is my family name
Pitbulls, swimming pools
Fly you out on my private plane
Fly you back below my sack
And get a new batch that'll do the same
Aw mayne, cold game, front row seats at the Laker game
Kobe Bryant: that's my nigga!
Juicy J: blaze, my nigga!
We up in here, we ain't gonna stop
A hundred niggas that did move your plot
A hundred more rich niggas back on the flight now
When will this shit ever stop? Never
The bigger the money, the bigger the bang
The bigger the trigger, the bigger tha bang
Listen my niggas that this is my thang
Dog house, laid out on 40 acres waiting
Kobe Bryant: that's my neighbor
Yeah! That's paper..


Straight from the projects now
I drive Maseratis
The live of a mob, nigga
I think I'm the Gotti
? proof about what I do
I say ? I throw it out and I'm cool
God only thirsty bitches think I'm gonna pay em
Think you? But money, you gets nan
No need for red bands, owner know who I am
10 bottles of rose, 2 models in both hands

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