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Who Runs This

Its Pitbull, Lil JonIts my way of paying you back dogFor all the love that you gave me(Pitbull)I'll be more than happyTo show you how I rapWho I am, where Im fromAnd whats coming up nextF**k the glitter and goldAnd all the glamour and glitsI'm here for 1 reasonAnd survey says! To get richSo give me the loot (loot)Show me the cashOpen the safeShow me the stashI suggest that you show full cooperationOr end up in the hospital getting emergency operationsFamily asking doctor doctorWill he make it throughBut theres nothing that doc-doctor can doWhen the chi-chi-chi-choppers[Who Runs This lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]Are chi-chi-chi-chopping at youThats it, your doneYour finished, your throughTheres no coming backWhat you think were cooking crackJust one question dogWhat the f**k are you looking atI know its hardIts hard to understandBut Pitbull will serve you anywayEven underhandDont f**k around because you just might end upUnder landIm not the coward motherf**kaI'm the manI'm the killer on tracks call me the son of samI dont know if yall ready But bet ya ass I am(Lil Jon)Who run this shit!Bitch we run this shit! (What!)

Date Added: 2008-03-24
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