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You fucking whore
Your such a whore
You fucking whoreeeeeeeeeeeee

I might not buy you shit, but I'll never deny you dick
Suck on my cock until your tounge is to tired to lick

Im a sex legend fuckin you like i injected "EFFEDRINE" (its a speed drug)
Pump your ass like a jackhammer connected to your rectum
Nothings effecting my erection unless your in need of dexatrim
And your complexion is infected skin
I wanna hear confessions bitch obsessions
Flesh, skin, questions, sexual suggestions
Would you like some refreshments, some breath mints
Cause im plannin on toungin you till im left in your intestines
You contain the essence of the profession
Known as prostitution, my first impression is you'll be execelent
Your estrogen is like mescaline
If your not dooshin, your twat smells like pollution of pestelin specimen
Necro is smooth espicially when makin a move
On you removin your clothes whether or not you approve
Don't feel agression after the molesting
Id have gwenyth pathrow eating alpo my deception ??


Your exotic looking
Your twat is hot like narcotics cooking
You should use your body for hookin
Your pussys like a spot in brooklyn
New york is full of vagina preditors
With fetishens for sluts with pedicures
Your naked bitch smack your pussy lubricate it with spit
Im rapin ya clit and your makin faces like your takin a shit
Sexual narsisist nipplin where your college is?
Suckin your pussy for juices like oranges
Stenchin like the deceased in a morgue
The second i walked in the door
I could smell your pussy like a police dog
Lets see how many dicks we can fit in mariah
Rub her cunt fast, like cavemen rubbin sticks for fire
The plan is to shove you in the back of a van
Bitches screamin with high pitches like a michael jackson fan
Better yet like micheal himself
Fuckin faggot pedophile should get beaten to death with a spiked belt


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