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Wild Heart

[Verse 1]
The truth
I got to tell it
Let me spill the beans
Walk on egg shells
Raps not what it's cracked up to be
But fucking wake up
Wake up
You don't need to be sleeping to chase your dreams
It may leave a bad taste in your mouth it seems
So take some Listerine
Rinse it out and maybe one day you'll see
That for you, it was worth it
Every bump, pothole, and curve you swerved missed
To get to the end of the tunnel
Weather you kept writing and got carpel tunnel
And arthritis in both wrists
But focus
If you want to succeed, go for it and take risks
Just know that if you fail, you need to own it
And if you're anything like me
Take a stick and poke the haters
Provoke them until their exposed bitches
Behind closed computer screens
And don't listen to what they say
Those hoes are colder than Popsicles
And you don't need a box of quarters to make a change
When you got a wild heart
This addict just went downstairs to be in charge, with hidden claws
But I'm a monster, I'm never caught
And once you've used my own words against me
You've put me behind bars
But so far

I'll never catch
I'll never tame your wild heart
And we can't hit the breaks
Traveling a hundred plus miles an hour

[Verse 2]
People will always compare
It's human nature
But apples and oranges don't make a pair
So what if you sound similar to someone that's already there?
Don't change for nothing
Cause then what if you make it?
You're just a fake millionaire
Just remember a throne is still a chair
A crown is nothing more than a symbol
And don't let it get to your head
People get scared, and will try to tear at you
Just because they think you're doing better than they are
Are you?
Well that just depends
There's only one thing to say my friends
Fuck the game like it just gave consent
You're on top now
In charge till the bed frame breaks or bends
Don't ever let up, so help me

Cause if you want it
It's eye candy, just grab it
Why do these people have it in their heads
Did someone say that
It's just too good to grasp
So find something else

[Verse 3]
You see the finish line just over the horizon and follow the signs
But it's just a ladder growing longer the higher you climb
And you wonder, wonder
Is it my voice or my choice of clothes
They don't notice turquoise?
Is it just noise to these other boys on the corners of the streets
And I'm just another, another
I'm just another rapper
You're never just another rapper
If I was given less than dirt, then I'd make it work
And turn it into straw
Then spin that straw into gold like Rumpelstiltskin

I'll never catch
I'll never tame your wild heart
And we can't hit the breaks
Traveling a hundred plus miles an hour

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