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Wilson Fisk

[Intro: Daredevil (Wilson Fisk)]
I'm not the Samaritan. That I'm not the Priest, or the Levite. That I am the Ill-intent who set upon the traveler on a road that he should not have been on

[Verse 1: Bukshot]
I'm in the underground (M.O.B. shit)
Hell's kitchen
On some kingpin shit, y'all still bitching (shut up)
Fighting over crumbs on some dumb shit
What you crying 'bout?
f*ck your phone bitch (yeah)
Call me Earthquake, got the game shook
Watch these people steady talking shit on Facebook
Now take your medicine, treat ya like a sick child
That's a bukslap (it is)
I get buck wild (wild)
Pop 'em like amphetaminеs
Torch 'em like acetylеne
Hit 'em up for everything
Baby pics and wedding rings
Like the hound I murder while I tell 'em "f*ck the king" (f*ck the king)
I will never bow to minions or an underling
Did the creeping, had them haters all wild
Back to the M.O.B. shit (M.O.B. shit)
Buk 'em down M.O.B. style (M.O.B. style)
Bloody gloves and machete let me reminisce (yeah)
On that gangster shit you could call me Wilson Fisk
[Chorus: Bukshot]
Step to my level (to my level)
When you vent to this
Heavy metal (heavy metal)
I don't aim to miss
Pick and shovel (pick and shovel)
Silencer and clips
Think you're Daredevil
Bitch I'm Wilson Fisk

[Bridge: Bukshot]
Think like a kingpin (yah yah yah)
Move like a kingpin (yah yah yah)
Act like a kingpin (yah yah yah)
Take out all the kings-men then I'mma come for y'all (y'all)

[Verse 2: Bukshot]
The skeletons in my closet are bottomless (bottomless)
The secret of the candle in my hand is monolith (monolith)
I speak in code cause people listening are honor-less (honor-less)
Straight from Planet X I'm always on that monster shit (always on that monster shit)
King Diedra, I can be your Nemesis
Underbelly creature, watch me reap the benefits (reap the benefits)
I'm a problem, but you wasn't listening
Now they trying to infiltrate the M.O.B. but they not getting in
Use my enemies around me like some stepping stones
The underestimate me now I got my weapons shown
Now the cover's blown
Send instructions with my phone
Wound up all the henchmen, M.O.B. hits like Al Capone

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