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You claim like a …
Just to keep a hater hoping
Two... just to keep a hater talking
When you see me in the club
I am making profit
When you see me in the mall
I am gucci shopping
Down louis walking
Many on my pocket I am gonna...
Tell the hater stop it... around town

I made her in the mall with a friend...
Double... shot sip it till it’s empty
... my hoe taking dollars I am gonna train it...
Deserve a oscar money in my pocket
I am ball like a baller
... money and the paper … I see you later

Brought her to the studio winning
Took her to my old hood winning
I just got to keep you talking
See me on the red carpet...
I do it often
... everyone is fan of me
... I am gonna end it
Wear it around town soldier
Ain ‘t even finished
Winning winning winning

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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