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WNYU 89.1 X-Mas Freestyle 12/23/99

Yo, it's Scrooge... Scrooge
Scrooge is up in here...ho ho ho!!!

I wish you a merry crucifixion, I wish you would get a new religion
I wish you a merry crucifixion, and a crappy new year

Jesus ain't nuttin but a corpse to me, who is he
Come over G and a pair of scrotums hangin off the tree
Choke the Messiah, chop off your member
And then I'll roast your nuts over an open fire
Your jiggolo's big piccolo stick'll grow
When I'm swappin spit with a hoe under the missile toe
Yo, I'll get under this chicks clothes
You'll be one dead slob after your neck's clogged with egg nog, choke
The night before Christmas, you're feelin the essence
Break in your crib, I got a posse of midgets stealin your presents
Right through the chimney, you think we're rotten
We're takin everything you got, kid down to every stinking stocking
Robbin' you in a Santa suit, strippin you like a dancer's boot
Santa Clause is dead, you'll die from cancer, duke
I'm Dreamin of a White Christmas, I sniff this 8-ball of coke
Then knock on your door like Jehovah Witness, holdin a biscuit
Leave you a bleeding sinner
I'm hunting randier, Rudolf will get eaten for dinner
He got a red nose gushing from all the bullet holes
I got a deer cookin, don't stuff yourself full of rolls
While the world's infested with diseases
Let's be happy, kick back and celebrate the death of Jesus
The miricle on 44th street, is now on 42nd street
When Mrs. Clause is suckin raw meat
To the records beat, so suck my candy cane 'till I need a vasectomy
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse
'Cause you're all dead
There's air in the room but none of you are breathing it out

Merry crucifixion, I wish you would get a new religion
I wish you a merry crucifixion, and a crappy new year
I said violent night, unholy night

On the first day of Christmas, I do my savory
Your cartilage is teared, G

I'm Scrooge, you all die!!!
Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho HO HOEESSS!!!

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