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Work On Deck

Soulja got muscule
Yo girlfriend I fuck her (i fuck her)
Straight out the trap,bitch that west side struggle
gucci bandana,blue rag in the duffle
7-4 into the world,blow folks hustle
Nigga gotta get this bitch,im all on out the block
3 years in the game, aint dis shit aint gunna stop
Call up Miami Mike,post it up on pattle land
Palm trees block,bricks kush and them chickens mane
Drop top 2010,black murcielago (damn)
Raise in Atlanta but born in Chicago(Chi-Town)
Back in Missisippi man I had the hood locked
With a Backpack full of money and a half in my socks
You a stupid ass bitch,if you think you shittin like me
Got alot of niggas hating cuz they cant get like me
Man Im Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em and imma tell ya how it goes
Keep that pistole on my hip for these rachet ass hoes
Im a real ass nigga,I aint never been fake
Bitch i bought that black hummer and set that bitch on 28's (damn)
Missisippi trap boy,Chi-Town,home town
ATL westside,Zone 1 on now
Bitch imma G
My first name Soulja
Disrespect me and my nigga gon fold ya
Took a couple small racks,threw them diamond in my teeth
Imma equipped with armor guns so im ready for that beef

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