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World with You

I never knew
Just where I wanted to go
I looked so hard
To find a path leading home
You showed the way
To get me out of the dark
You gave me strength
When I was weak in my heart

And now
Your spirit lives in me
And now I'm right where I'm supposed to be

I'm going, going gone
I'm out of this world
I'm really moving on to a world with You
I'm going, going gone
I'm out of this place
Now Heaven's in my view
I'm out of this world
Into a world with You

Here in Your path
I'm led to where I should be
Deep in my soul
You're every reason I breathe
I'm not alone
When I can reach for Your love
I know my faith
Lies in Your world up above

Your love's the greatest miracle
Up on a place You've made so beautiful

Your love has finally found me
All around me
Everywhere I go
I know that You will guide me
Right beside me
Now I truly know


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