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XXL Freshman Freestyle

[Verse 1]
Would go and get a job, but I'd rather stay and stack
Fronted some niggas work and they ain't ever pay it back
But I fuck with 'em
Get down, dirty, could go and touch 'em up
They momma like my momma so that'll kinda fuck her up
Low-key, them collared shirts got a button up
Say he got a lot of blow, he better button up
A hundred stacks, you owe this to the game
But you surprised? Man you know this never changed
And besides, you'd prolly blow this on a chain
Now take me to the safe 'fore I blow this on your brain
I tried to earn cash and they ask where I get it from
Nigga keep feedin' me that work then I'm a nigga's son
Z28's with 8 fuckin' cylinders
Furnished my apartment with Ashley Millennium
Bitches keep askin' but Gates ain't givin' 'em
Take 'em home, bend 'em, to the gate where I'm sendin' 'em
You gotta keep in mind, I'm a street nigga
If you get out of line, I'mma get street with you
I'm from a state, you stupid, you die from it
Buy a brick, I send it in Louis Vuitton luggage
Buy 10, I throw in a Louis Vuitton duffle
Mini MAK 90, Louis Vuitton muscle
On an island, like who want to be a millionaire?
My kingpin speak Spanish and got pretty hair

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