Propaganda - Ya Never Know (Played By The Game) Lyrics

Ya Never Know (Played By The Game)

[Intro: Propaganda]
Know what man, sometimes you just can never tell
Man, let me tell you how it went down

[Verse 1: Propaganda]
I got to swaggering but not from blaze saddlings
My patterns pre-perform pray and let them suckers pop they collar
No one's bomber, came in freshly scented with Nag Champa
Blessed and full-dressed in God's armor, team stronger
Quarter past eleven and touchdown the Rat team
Sound check went rather clean through the blessing of Elohim
[?] would see the catch we in this kind of environment
But this time, I'm sure it was divine appointment
Eyes met, all up in the corner third one from the left
Locking iris with the Isis look-alike with God's light
That alluded from a pause and poured a waterfall of emotions up in the dome
But I ain't make no move, I was playin' it cool
Reminiscing of high school when them fools be like
"Make sure your time is right before you step"
So I held down that cypher tribal style like this
Bridge the [?] where I kick it smoothly like she ain't move me

[Hook 1: Raphi]
Yeah, I peeped her chilling by the door
And she was grooving out there on the floor
Sure yeah right, she's banging bro
But she's not what we came down here for
So you better focus on your flows
And carry yourself like a pro
Cause the crew came through to do a show
And then we're gonna go, but then again you never know

[Verse 2: Propaganda]
The set lasted about 45 minutes to an hour
She seen the team's power and felt the anointing shower
I made my way to the back while she maneuvered through the people
Peeped her train of thought, she was pondering should she speak
Walked two inches to the left of me in hope our shoulders brush
Against each other then she'd tell a brother he was fresh
Met you last time for the first time when you rhymed with Dead Beat
I just ain't had the guts to say exactly what I think
I'm like you got a bowl of ink, I stick my finger in it
And scribble on my shirt so I won't lose them seven digits
Thank God I didn't miss it, listen future Mrs. Props
Normally I'm not the type to roll up with a head blowed up
And get my hopes up just to get dashed cause I ain't dress right
You thought the set was fresh? She like "not as fresh as you"
I said come over here, I'll introduce you to the crew

[Hook 2: Raphi]
So you meet her last week at the show
And apparently she has a glow
Cause she make quite an impression on you, that's for sure
And now you're hoping that it's something more
You're probably getting tired of being all alone
But I love you falling man, look out below
You try to tell me that you're in control
But if I were you, I'd take it slow
Homie, you never know

[Verse 3: Propaganda]

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