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Yaaah Bitch Yaaah

Hey, Dem 30/30 Boyz, Soulja Boy and Arab
We got somethin' new for y'all
When a motherfucka be in your face
Just on your nerves, talkin' shit
And you just don't wanna hear it
Just be like, "Yahhh, Bitch, Yahhh!"

(Hey, SoulJa Boy, can I get your autograph?) Yahhh, Bitch, Yahhh!
(Yo, Arab, I really like you, man) Yahhh, Bitch, Yahhh!
(Are there any 30 boyz that---) Yah, Yah, Bitch, Yah Yahhh!
(Yeah, I was wonderin, can I be on your next---) Yahhh, Yahhh, Bitch!

Get out my face, ho!
Get out my face, ho!
Get out my face, ho!
Get out my face, ho!
Get out my face, ho!
Get out my face, ho!
Get out my face, ho!
Get out my face (Yahhh!)

[Verse 1]
Let me tell you about the life
And how you live when you is a star
Every single place you go
The people run up to your car
Everybody wants to talk, and everybody wants to jive
Everybody wants a handshake, or want a high five
And these ugly girls always got a friend
That wants to talk to you
(Bitch, Yahhh, Yahhh, Trick)
(And your friend, Yahhh, Yahhh Too!)
Ain't got time for chitchat
I'm tryin to get this money
So get up out my face
You shit-breath dummy


[Verse 2]
Dawg, get out my face, I'm startin' to get mad
Walkin' up
(Soulja Boy, Can I have your autograph?) Bitch, Yahhh, Bitch!
Leave me alone, let me get some peace
I'm sittin at the house and a nigga can't sleep
Leave me alone ho, before I have to knock your ass out
(Hey, Soulja Boy, when that new 30/30 boyz cd coming out?)
Bitch, Yahhh, Bitch!
Bitch, Yahhh, Bitch!
Bitch, Yahhh, Ya, Yah, Ya, Yahh, Ya, Bitch


Hey Soulja Boy, Wassup Man? Soulja Boyyy! Yeah, you like that?
We keep it crunk like that! Hey, man, you gonna let me get on this cd?
Man, come on, man, I got some bumpin stuff back at the---
Hey, Hey, Hey Araaab! Yeah You know I know that stuff "Watch My, Put It in da Chain"
Hey Soulja Boy, man, both of yall just listen, man, hey, man don't turn around
Hey, man, listen! Hey, look, I just got to tell you somethin
Cause look, man, I know a nigga in Chica-
(Yahhh Bitch, Ya Yahh, Ya Yah Yah, Ya Yah)
(Yah---Laughing---Yahhhh, Bitch)
(Shut the fuck up, Bitch!)
(Yahhhh, goddamn, don't you get it?)
(Bitch, Ya Yahhh Bitch!)

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