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Yo quiero dinero
Shooters on the payroll, they murder when I say so
What's happenin' fool?
I really ain't wanna fuck with that
I don't get tired

Hit water with the rich homie,need 10k for a feature(I be like 10)
Whip drank,what a bitch think like I ain't never gon see you
Sippin Red, ran out of Purp,only thing I hate being out of work
Put the drugs down,my worker workin
Ima plug now, that's a lot of work
Out the mud on the Curb Gang,conversation with the Bird Man
Luchie dropped through and sneezed on me
Number cheaper than the Bird Man
Slurred words, like Nelly talkin,count the money that's er'thing?
First string not cooperating,ride the bench with the Third String
Play with Dreco or Lil Mazi slangin chrome bout it
Just slung a nigga 20 Birds from out of Stone Mountain
Ain't got no mind get out of line and ima zone bout it
I'm bout that action, brrrrrrrrrrat!
Won't say a word bout it, entrapment
Victim of Fatal Attraction with no contraband in my mattress
This nigga actin
All of your flaws comin out to the surface you lame with no swaggers
Say you ain't press me about a few dollars I owe
Well come get it in blood cause I jacked you
J-Real on the phone I was runnin the amp out a bitch
I was fuckin on campus
Bitch i'm amazing
Meet me up 50 you don't want to give it up, bitch Imma make you
Holdin your dick on BWA, that shit fake, matter fact you a hater
No elevator, still elevate ya
Send you to garbage I done you a favor
Yo boy get fucked in the ass for a pack of that raw and nobody could save em

Yayo, Yo quiero dinero
Shooters got the Peso
Then I'm peelin yo Tamato
Nobodys gon hear it's all the muffins and patato
Get off the phone with Dreco
Steppers all in Clayquos

If you in the car with three niggas,and you more intelligent than the three niggas you in the car with.(Uh uh)
It's time to get out that car
I don't get tired

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