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[Verse 1: Soulja Boy]
Wake up in the morning 20 million in a safe
Bank account pulled up [?] estates
Lobster and a steak man I'm living by the lake
And I know a lot of love, and I know a few hate
But let me demonstrate, the skills of my character
And demonstrate a beast on the wall intellectual
Man on my schedule a whole lot of money-getting
So I hustle hard everyday and it's evident I'm relevant
I'm Soulja Tell'Em man I kill'em quick
I hit the microphone and I make a lot of sense
I spit a lot of skills I got the skills to pay the bills
I got the skills to make mills and let me tell you how I feel
Man I swear that I feel greater, giving thanks to all my haters
And then I say a prayer and then I get back to this paper
And honour to our father, and honour to my mother
My person who is not here, is Soulja Tell'Em my brother, except…

[Hook: Unknown]
Say to me, I'll say to you
Won't you believe in me, like I believe in you
After all the things, you put me through
Won't you believe in me, like I believe in you

[Verse 2: Soulja Boy]
If I only knew, if I only knew? If I only knew
Back then if I only had a couple clues
On the news, checking out who's who
The rich people in America, who are you?
What ya got, how much ya got, where ya live?
How much about, how much about?
Look, my bank is thick so my flow is too sick
I hit the block with a whole lot of fucking chips
I got more chips than a casino
My paper stack tall like Pringles
I'm classic like Al Pacino
Scarface and mandingle, your girl love it
In my house, wherever, in fucking public
It's nothing of it, I'm hot like I'm fresh out the oven
And I look better wherever I'm up
It's Young Beezy man I really gives no fuck
I terminate each track and it's no luck


[Verse 3: Soulja Boy]
Wealth, riches, what does this mean?
Living your dreams, or living someone else's?
Word around town man I really can't help it
This is an honour to express my blessings
And this here is a strong song, and the weak can listen
Take what I'm saying man I swear I'm not tripping
This right here is for everybody

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