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Young Gotti Intro

Yow mayne I been doing dis shit fo’ a long time
I told dese niggas, ‘93 came in d game smashin everybody declinin
‘94 pushin em an smashin everybody wit Daz
Doggy style ya know what I’m sayin
D blood is real, if murder was d case we woulda done so many classicss it’s stupid
Our own album Dogg Food, OG platinum, smash
Errbody like what ya’ll doin now?
Yea, we jus been marinatin, ya dig, it gets better with time nigga
Bangin on dese bustaz that’s what we do
Yea, Kurupt Young Gotti, bang out to it, an fuck you bust ass niggas
“Get yo ass up out d car nigga, get d fuck out!”
“Brick yoself nigga brick yoself!”
“Get yo mothafuckin ass up out d car!
Or you gon’ make me rush you, get yo ass up out d car!
Get up out d car!”
“What’s up nigga!”
“”Nigga I got you aight, get yo mothafuckin ass up out d car right now!”
“Bitch move!”
“Shoot dat nigga, Junior!”
“Nigga fuck you!”
“Ah shit!”

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