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Young Money Ballaz

[Nicki Minaj]
I got a fetish for boys, that's pushing them nice toys
A fetish for dem boys, that's fresher than altoids, I got a -
Thing for a dude, in a fresh pair of Mauri's
If he rocking 'em right, then I might let him call me
He put the Prada bag, with the Prada heels wid it
The Louis dufflebag, had about a mil' in it
From here to Trinidad, man I should've been did it
Cause everything I had, I just doubled them digits
That's the kinda dude, that can roll with the President
Sit up in the Rolls maybe, roll to my residence
Stay around Fendi,, he love my spaghetti
He let me do my thing, he ain't never act petty
If he ringing, I'm dipping, put the ring in my lip and
I just give 'em wink, what the fuck did you think?
Now he spending and tricking, so the chickens is tripping
I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, ha ha hahahaha HA!

That's what my girls say
Errday my birthday
Young Money sipping rozay when we thirstay
Okay, c'mon

[Lil Wayne]
Good Evening New York! (Water crashing against shore sound)
That mean I live by the beach
Sand on the welcome mat, flyer than a Falcon
Black tires, black rims, just to help em look good
In the summer, my car look better than your woman
My woman look better than your momma
And I don't wanna name, or number, just some brain from her, naw
I ain't came in a Hummer, that's a Bentley Marlow on her
I'm nasty on the beat like the runners, I'm a gunner
Like a hunter with a gun, with a deer right in front 'em
I'mma send him to who brung him, let Nina Ross Tongue him
Oh back to the subject, I'm balling without a budget
I'm a big spender, but I ain't done yet
Ima keep that shit running, like I’m Marshall Faulk’s son and
On a Sunday,I’m Devin Hester, you don’t want to punt it
You do it but I done it, I stun it, I spun it

That's what my girls say
Errday my birthday
Young Money sipping rosay when we thirstay
Uh huh Okay c'mon

[Lil Wanye Speaks]
Nicki Minaj man AKA Nicki Lewinsky man
Eyy Big Spender
Like I said, Nicki Minaj
You bitches open up your pussies and get ready

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