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Company Always on the runDestiny is the rising sunOh I was born 6-gun in my handBehind a gun I'll make my final standThat's why they call me
Bad companyAnd I can't denyBad companyTill the day I dieTill the day I dieTill the day I die
Rebel soulsDeserters we are calledChose a gun and threw away the sunNow these townsThey all know our name 6-gun sound is our claim to fameI can hear them say
Bad companyAnd I won't denyBad Bad companyTill the day I dieTill the day I dieSOLO
BadBad companyI can't denyBad companyTill the day I dieAnd I say it'sBad company Oh Yeah---YeahBad companyTill the day I die Oh Yeah
Tell me that you are not a thiefOh But I amBad CompanyIt's the way I playDirty for dirtyOh Somebody Double-crossed meDouble-crossDouble-cross
YeahWe're Bad companyKill in cold blood

Bad Company Bad Company

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