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Lets Make A Movie

Coalition forces...

You Ready?


I can make you famous
I can make you famous
lets make a movie..a movie
Shawty gettin naked
set it up and tape it
Lets make a movie..a movie
You can be my co-star
Girl ill take you so far
Lets make a movie..a movie
Lights, camera, action
ready for some action
lets make a movie..a movie

Verse 1
We can play like actors
Know you not an amateur
you can have the lead role
And ill be the director
Settin up the camera
Get into your character
come up out that little dress
And let me climb on top of ya
Now baby lets just get involved
With the camera on, you see that red light
That means i press record
Now mommy look its easy, go head come on please me
Now we can put on repeat
And play it back on TV
lets make an X-rated sex tape
show the world your head great
Show the world you good wit it, back shots, hair pullin
Time for some action, Kimmie Kardashian, lil kim ???....pointed at your resume


Verse 2:

Mommy let me get wit you
I wanna share my bed wit you
We can have sex in HD Digital
It aint really difficult
Lemme see your nipples boo
??? for me Baby just move how the strippers do
My private little porn queen
doin all them wild things
ever seen youself givin head on a flat screen
Instant celebrity, natural star to me
Sit back and rewind the part when you was ridin me
Ran out of blank tapes,
Need another blank tape
One more scene and we got ourselves a sex tape
Your friends know im filmin ya
They seen what i did witchya
We can even use a camera phone like Vivica


You could be a star
You Could be a star
When im finished with you girl you gon be a star (x2)



What man?!
You fuckin hear me talkin to you?!

Keep runnin around wit all the dumb bitches...keep runnin around with all these dumb ..bitches...Jermaine
You gon see i swear before the only God i know you will NEVER see your son again
mann.... WHAT?!
You fuckin hear me talking to you Jermaine?!!
You dumb penitentiary drug dumb prison ass nigga
You fuckin hear me....i will NEVER call you Maino, your name is Jermaine...dont fuckin walk away when im fuckin talkin to you..i know you fuckin hear me
Man you need to get the (doesnt say anything) out my

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