A Wilhelm Scream - Mob Life Lyrics

Mob Life

They had an offer that i couldn't refuse, so I said fuck it, I had nothing going on. They said wassamattayou-a eatin' McDonalds? You eat like a king-a if ya wack some paisans. About as far back as I can remember I wanted to ice, maim and dismember. The gambling, the fame, the money, the women. How could I refuse this contract killin'? Call it cosa nostra. Don said kiss the ring. it was a fugazi. I must be crazy, I know. They force me to eat more ziti. Mama says you way too skinny now, no more for me. No more loot, no prostitutes, it's over. The bathtub booze, the pinstripe suits, it's over. .

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A Wilhelm Scream with Brutal Youth and (U) The Band at DSTRCT (June 22, 2017) @ Guelph, ON, Canada
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Good Riddance and A Wilhelm Scream at Rum Runners (June 23, 2017) @ London, ON, Canada
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