Mac Miller - People Lyrics


i know people that try, people that don’t
people that fly to the air, just flow, like snow.
i know people …
people that’s rich, know people that’s broke,
know people that love, people that hate,
sometimes you let your girls,
sometimes you’re doing great!
hey, i know people can’t wait,
they wanna hear every single thing i gotta say.
some people act cool, some act phony,
people know your friends, but they’ll never be a homie!
i know people think they know me,
cause i’m lame and untalented, own me!
girls wanna own me, labels wanna clone me,
haters wanna choke me, stoners wanna smoke weed!
people never gonna change,
cause no two people are the same!

hey! we are just two people, what more can we do
give me one more day,
i’mma spend that with you!
with you!

i can’t complain, a lot of people know my name
but when come back home, not a damn thing changes!
i bet people can’t believe,
some after the money,
some under the..
if you’re showing love, then you’re cool with me,
i’m the same old dude, before the jewelry
and everything is kind a new to me,
things ain’t nothing how they’re use to be!
people thought that i would do some,
people thought that i probably could,
some people think that boy turned at hollywood
living up every day, work well,
doing.. when they see the girl slam.
i’m glad i get to call it mine,
is the type of thing so hard to find!
you can’t tell us... to shine, …
she’s gonna have inches all the time

hey! we are just two people,
what more can we do?
give me one more day,
i’mma spend that with you!
with you!

until i’m with somebody, i don’t know what to do,
they may not understand you cause they see you only move!
girl is.. try to get you to my room,
cause i’ve been going crazy knowing…

hey! we are just two people,
What more can we do?
give me one more day,
i’mma spend that with you!
with you!

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