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Really From Da Hood

I'm From Dha Hood Doe, Like Dha Hood Doe, Like Really, Really, Really, From Dha Hood Doe, Like Where Dhey Kick Doors, Like Where Dey Cook O's And Like Where Everybody Round Dhis Bitch Talk Slow, I'm From Dha Hood Doe, Like Dha Hood Doe, Like Really, Really, Really, From Dha Hood Doe, Like Where Dha Feds Go, Like Where Dey Real Low, And Like Where Every Other Street Is Where Dha Yae Sold
(Verse 1)
Dhis Where Dha Killa's At, Dhis Where Dha Blo At, Dhis Wher Dha Shootinqq Happen, Dhis Where Dha Doe At, Dhis Where Dha Stuntinqq Is, Dhis Wher Dha Hateinq Bad, Dhis Where Dha Bodies Found, Dhis Where Yhuee Need A Pass, Dhis Where Dha Chevy's Be, Dhis Where Dha Choppa's At, Dhis Where Dha Hoe's Fuck, Dhis Where Dha Man Last, Dhis Where Niqqa's Trippinq, Dhis Where Dha Hiqh Gas, Dhis Where Dha Fed's Come, Dhis Where Dha Jitt's Bad
(Verse 2)
Dhis Where Yhu Catch Dha Most Time, Dha Prosticuter's Lien, Get Yhu One Block Dhis Where Yhu Really Shine, Dhis Where it's Step Gone, Dhis Where Dha Ounces Hide, Dhis Where Dha Dro Good Dha Lace From Dha Fiee, Dhis Where Dha Tea's Good Bihh No Tiee Bihh Ride Biqq Bihh Lil Tier Bihh Throw Money Bihh Shoot Dice Bihh Chase Hoe's Bihh &tote Fiee Bihh
(Verse 3)
Dhis Where Dha Deep Boy's, Dhis Where Dhey Ride Cammy's Dhis Where Dhey 26 It Dhis Where Dey Ride Banchet Dhis Where Dhey Whips Good, Dhis Where Dhey Wrist Magic, Dhis Where Yhu Stay Strapped, Dhis Where Dhey Let Yhu Have It, Dhis Where Dha Niqqa's Live It, Not Where Dha Niqqa's Rapp, Dhis Where Dha Niqqa's Robbinq, Dhis Where Dha Niqqa's Trappinq, Dhis Where Dha Goon's Lurkinq, Dhis Where Dha Hoe's Tappinq, Dhis Where Dha Club's Small, Dhis Where Dha Clothes Caspinq
(Chorus) [x2]

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