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The Big Crash

Well she`s always been a good good girl
But she`s always lived in her own world
Stealing makeup from her mommy`s purse
And her mother said it only got worse
Well she ran with kids much older
She did all the things they told her to do
Doin` crazy things because they were in
Now she's heading for the big crash
She`s running with the white trash
The girl is moving too fast
She`s heading for the big crash
The big crash, the big crash
Well I wish she`d listen to me
And I`d tell her `bout the things that she doesn`t see
Tell her now before it gets too late
That she`s heading for the big crash
She thinks that she`s all grown up now
She thinks that she`s cool enough now
When will she realize that they`re cutting her down to size
The big crash
The girls moving too fast-heading for the big crash
Goin` places where she shouldn`t have been
Doin` crazy things because they were in

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