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[Unknown Title]

I saw your sister and she told me that your life is a mess
I just remembered how long it's been
She said that you've been drinking real heavy and been tweeting real heavy, got a new guy every week
It's like you cycle through men
You're out on pretend
Like everything's okay, but it's not
Like you could fill an empty heart with everything that you've bought
And what you want is everything you don't got
That's why you played me, and you thought that you would never get caught
And I saw you called my phone last night
Oh, well I must have been busy
You're posting up selfies to hear that you're pretty
Confusing attention for mentions and pity
And really, you're searching for something you never will find
You're in love with the lust, was in love with your mind
It was good when it started, just ran out of time
So I keep telling me everything will be fine, but

When I'm drinking and it's 2 AM you're on my mind

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