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'Bout That

[Intro: DeJ Loaf]
I’m gon’ put motherfucking Silkk The Shocker on this shit
Somebody get Silkk The Shocker on the phone
Call him right now
Somebody see if I can get him on here for a verse
I fuck with him

[Verse 1: DeJ Loaf]
Cause this life I live got no limits
Put the pressure on them pussies, let’s go swimming
Put the TEC to his neck while he eating cereal
Oh you thought this was a game? Nah, this shit serious
I’ll die for my respect, just bury me in Fendi
And put me right next to Pac or Biggie
Or put me next to Dex so we can fucking flex
Got a problem nigga, say it with your fucking chest
34 B's aiming at your breast
34 more niggas gon’ be aiming at the rest
Chopper go ffff, yeah it speak with a lisp
Walking in the club, I don’t speak to a bitch
No I don’t fuck with y’all, y’all already knew it
Bitches wanna beef so bad, I won’t do it
Tryna blow up, nah bitch, you blew it
Not off DeJ better off selling pussy
Nah I ain’t a killer, all my shooters good looking
Good looking, good looking
Money got me tired, yeah nigga I’m cooking
Taking, lunches, cookies

[Verse 2: Silkk The Shocker]
DeJ hit me like, “I want the old Shocker”, it’s no problem
Don’t make me get my old army fatigues out of my closet
You might catch me in something that don’t come out for a year or so
So if you got it right now, chances I had it like a year ago
Only mess with real, I don’t do the fake
We just park right in man, I don’t do the wait
Was gon’ do a pool in the back, but said fuck it, do a lake
I know why they mad, cause they know what I’m due to make
It’s crazy, ‘cause sometimes I be forgetting what I cop
I just came off tour like, “nigga when I bought a yacht?”
Getting money, then I bring it back to my block
I’m hot, here’s the temperature, try to buy up all my stock
I run through this money like it’s standing in my way
One thing I can’t stand is a hater that complain about the hate
Yeah they’ll talk it, that’s until you standing in they face
Scream who-de-who, it look like planet of the apes
I swerve right past ‘em but I ain’t tryna crash
When I see ‘em I hide my face, you would think I’m tryna dab
Sometimes I get mad but I’m trying not to spaz
Some of y’all jokes in y’all flow, I be trying not to laugh
It is what it is, I don’t have to tell ‘em what I did
Flow cold, you would think I was yelling in the fridge
Forget the past, I get it now like I got it then
And I ain't following you fake niggas, I’m setting trends
Yeah, DeJ Loaf, it is what it is
All the real stand up, all the fake sit down
That’s how I recognize ya, you heard?
Shocker, you know how we do it

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